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Sewing Frenzy

July 31, 2013


I’ve completed a few more projects. This time I’ve made several skirts for my baby girl and my 7 year old. My oldest daughter thinks it’s fun to wear a matching skirt to her baby sister.

The baby skirts are also for sale (size 6-9 months). Length: 20 cm. The skirts are made out of cotton fabric. The gingham skirt has red linen pockets and the skirt with the squirrel motif is made out of beige linen. Price: $22 (AUD) + postage. Payment via Paypal. You are not required to have a Paypal account.

Please fill in the form below to purchase any of the skirts!

Bigger sizes will be available soon.


Looking for a unique gift?




The three elephants; Hilda, Helen and Hugo are made out of linen, cotton and with felt eyes and cheeks. They are approximately 38 cm long. Hugo has a knitted gray scarf as well. Price: $42 (AUD) + postage. Payment via Paypal. You are not required to have a Paypal account.

Please fill in the form below with your contact details if you would like to purchase any of the items!


Crafty Days

June 28, 2013

Sleeping bag for the pramSleeping bag for the pram

Baby dress
Reversible pinafore dress
During the last few weeks I’ve finished a few more sewing projects. For my baby daughter I’ve made a pinafore dress which can be turned inside out. The fabric is bought from ‘GJ Discount Fabrics’ in Brunswick East. They have an amazing selection of beautiful patterned fabrics. To make the pattern I’ve traced an old dress and cut two pieces of both the front and the back part.

My son is addicted to matchbox cars. I’ve been wanting to make a play mat for a while for these cars which can be turned into a bag so that he can store some of his favourite cars when we go somewhere. This is what I came up with.

Car play mat
Car play mat where the houses also serve as pockets for the matchbox cars.
Car play mat wrapped upCar play mat wrapped up


June 21, 2013

CERESOn Wednesdays if the weather allows it we like to visit CERES Community Environment Park in Brunswick East. Every Wednesday they usually have a band playing next to the cafe in the organic fruit and veggie market. My toddler loves playing with the toy trucks spread out in the park, check out the chickens and sip a babychino at the cafe.

Snippets of Recordings

June 21, 2013
Performing "At Last" at Connie Wright's annual student concert

Performing “At Last” at Connie Wright’s annual student concert

The last year my beautiful singing teacher Connie Wright has been recording some of the songs I’ve been singing and performing. Here are a few snippets of the songs.

Hope you like them!

“At Last”


“Cry Me a River”

“The Moon’s a Harsh Mistress”

Getting Organised

May 10, 2013


It’s always annoyed me that I never seem to find the suitable knitting needle when I need it. To easier find and also keep my knitting needles together I’ve designed this knitting needle (and other knitting equipment) holder. The fabrics are from Spotlight (Melbourne), Stoff & Stil (in Norway) and GJ Discount Fabrics in Brunswick East (Victoria, Australia).

I’ve also completed a few more knitting projects. Mittens for my baby daughter and her little cousin. I’ve also knitted a cute little hat for her as the winter is fast approaching and we’ve had some cold mornings walking the oldest one to school.

Baby hat from Pickles.noBaby Hat

Baby MittensBaby Mittens

Baby Jacket

April 17, 2013


My baby girl has had a few days with better sleep (even during the day!) and her mamma has finally been able to finalise a few knitting projects, for instance this jacket. Found a picture of the beautiful jacket on Posie Gets Cozy’s blog. The pattern is available for free on’s web site.

If you are looking for free knitting patterns, check out (English patterns at the bottom of the right hand side). Heaps of wonderful knitting patterns where lots of the patterns are available for free for certain sizes. Would like to knit this beautiful baby outfit.

Hot Air Balloon Mobile

April 17, 2013

hot air balloon mobile
Finally finished my latest project; a hot air balloon mobile for the nursery for my 9 week old baby. The template I’ve used is from this lovely web site called “How Joyful”.