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A Nancy Drew Detective Party

October 8, 2013

Nancy Drew Party 1

Nancy Drew Party 2

My not so little baby girl is 8 years old today. And gone are the days when it was enough to dress up as a fairy in pink. She is into mysteries and science projects and we celebrated her birthday with a Detective Nancy Drew Party. First all the guests got to open their party favours which contained a notebook, a magnifying glass and a note, but no lolly bags! The party guests were all enrolled into Detective School and had quite a few classes to get through to graduate as Detectives ready to solve the ‘Mystery of the Missing Lolly Bags’. The first class was to sniff out the evidence (identify what was inside various jars of spices and different types of food). Another class was to compare finger prints. All the guests got to put their finger prints in two different spots on a big white poster and the other guests needed to match the finger prints. Then the guests had to identify missing evidence. 15 items (toys, kitchen utensils etc) were laid out on a blanket and the guests were asked to memorise all the items. Then the items were covered up and one item removed. The guests then had to find out which item was missing.

After a few more Detective classes the guests was ready to solve the big mystery of the day. Where were the missing lolly bags? Who had stolen them all? The first clue was on the note in the party favour. This clue led to the next clues and in the end it turned out to be birthday girl’s dad (who would have thought?) who had stolen all the lolly bags.

There were quite a few preparations in front of this party. I also made my daughter a nice yellow half circle linen skirt with two pockets. Check out the tutorials listed below to see how you can make one too.

There are some nice blog posts out there on this topic. Check out the following blogs:

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  1. October 8, 2013 3:25 pm

    What fun! This would have been my perfect party when I was that age! 🙂


  2. Nancy Drew Rules permalink
    February 16, 2014 1:30 am

    Wow so cool! 😄


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