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March 14, 2012

Been walking up the hills a few times a week lately. I usually bring my SLR camera and take some snaps along the way. The light is most of the time just perfect as we head out straight after dinner time. Sometimes we spot a kite and almost on every trip we walk past a group of curious kangaroos.

Inspired to start creating my own softies (soft toys) again these days. Brewing with ideas on what my new softies should look like. I’m also trying to come up with a theme as I think it would be wonderful if they kind of belonged together in a group somehow. Will keep you posted once the production line is up and running. And yes, the goal this time is to start selling them.

A few days ago I discovered a gorgeous blog called ‘Lovely Morning’ and I’m currently absorbing all the stunning photos and eye candies on this site. One of her posts has a link to a web site called ‘Child’s Own Studio – custom making toys with children’. The kids make a drawing of a toy and the parent(s) create a soft toy from it. I remember that my mum did this when I was little. As I was drawing the teddy that I wanted my mum to make for me, I made a mistake and had to correct it with an extra line where the thigh was supposed to be. My mum thought the lump on my teddy’s thigh was cute and implemented this in the design. It definitely ended up looking rather unique, but also very cute.

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