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What is your next sewing project?

April 16, 2015

Hoping to inspire some of you to make your own things. These are my latest finished sewing projects:


Designed and made a doll for my youngest daughter. I made the body out of bed sheets from the 70ies and fabrics bought from my favourite fabric shop Stoff og Stil.

Sleepy doll

Doll sleeping in her bassinet

Finished doll

Doll in progress

Hand stitching the cheeks

Doll Basket

Tucking in Mr Rabbit

Mr Rabbit being tucked in for a nap in the new basket

Check out Dana made it for a sewing pattern on how to make your own doll basket. I winged it and made my own pattern. My version got a bit too floppy and I should have used a thicker fabric as well as lined it with a thicker interfacing.



Toddler modelling mittens

Woolen mittens

Also I’ve knitted some red woolen mittens for my daughter. They are connected with a plaited string. Very practical when the kids are little and therefore avoiding losing one (or both) of the mittens. Ravelry has tons of great free knitting patterns if you would like to knit a pair too. I also would like to recommend with more than 80 000 free knitting and crochet patterns and a nice selection of video tutorials.

Red mittens

Red mittens

Waterproof Mittens

Waterproof mittens 1

Waterproof mittens 2

Water proof mittens for my active little son which loves digging in slushy snow. Traced some old mittens and bought bright green wet weather fabric from Stoff og Stil. The mittens are lined with fleece and have an elastic with velcro around the wrist.

Library Bag

Library bag

Library bag lined with old kitchen curtains

Library bag

Up for making a similar one? Check out Made by Dana’s tutorial on how to make a tote.

Scalloped Baby Bunting

Baby bunting gift

Scalloped baby bunting gift for baby boys

Check out Made by Dana’s scalloped baby bunting tutorial.

Baby bunting in gift box

Bunting in gift box

Søstrene Grene here in Norways sells cheap beautiful gift boxes perfect for wrapping up handmade gifts.


Birthday cake for 9 year olds

January 1, 2015

No particular birthday theme for my oldest daughter this time. No fancy cake either. Found some inspiration for birthday decorations and a birthday cake on Pinterest. Ended up with decorations and cake in pink, gold, several fun games and lots of laughter.



More golden and pink inspiration boards

Golden birthday theme inspiration board

More baby buntings. A gift for a newborn baby girl down under.


Things I’ve made last year

January 1, 2015

New year’s day and all the snow disappeared during the rain. But today the sun was shining and time for a trip to the play area in the forest.

Forest 1

Forest 2

A rather slow year blogwise, but still have been able to create a few things. As a X-mas gift I’ve made some bags with animal faces for three young ladies.





Gift wrapping

Gifts all wrapped up.


Baby dress


The youngest playing with the bear backpack


Baby bunting

Walks in the Forest

July 6, 2014

New Miss Sollie design – Bear back pack


Peony in our new garden. My favourite flower.

Peony in our new garden. My favourite flower.


Plum tree blossoms in our garden

Lots of things have changed since last time I wrote. We’ve moved back to the country that I grew up in after 8 years in Australia; to Norway. It’s so wonderful to be back even though it’s been challenging to set up a life for a family of five. Finding jobs, a place to live, school and childcare takes time. But we are getting there and are enjoying happy things along the way. I truly appreciate walking through the forest teaching the kids about the plants and the trees. Yesterday we picked wild strawberries on our way to the town.

In between it all I’ve been able to create a few more Miss Sollie things. Just finished a bear back pack which I will take some more photos of soon. It’s for our son which will start childcare in August (and he just can’t wait to begin). Our little miss needs one too before childcare starts up. Thinking of making a similar backpack to the Chicken lunch bag in the Miss Sollie shop.

Miss Sollie Chicken Lunch Bag

Miss Sollie Chicken Lunch Bag





Finished some pants for my youngest daughter. They are from denim and pockets from some groovy retro bed sheets.

A Nancy Drew Detective Party

October 8, 2013

Nancy Drew Party 1

Nancy Drew Party 2

My not so little baby girl is 8 years old today. And gone are the days when it was enough to dress up as a fairy in pink. She is into mysteries and science projects and we celebrated her birthday with a Detective Nancy Drew Party. First all the guests got to open their party favours which contained a notebook, a magnifying glass and a note, but no lolly bags! The party guests were all enrolled into Detective School and had quite a few classes to get through to graduate as Detectives ready to solve the ‘Mystery of the Missing Lolly Bags’. The first class was to sniff out the evidence (identify what was inside various jars of spices and different types of food). Another class was to compare finger prints. All the guests got to put their finger prints in two different spots on a big white poster and the other guests needed to match the finger prints. Then the guests had to identify missing evidence. 15 items (toys, kitchen utensils etc) were laid out on a blanket and the guests were asked to memorise all the items. Then the items were covered up and one item removed. The guests then had to find out which item was missing.

After a few more Detective classes the guests was ready to solve the big mystery of the day. Where were the missing lolly bags? Who had stolen them all? The first clue was on the note in the party favour. This clue led to the next clues and in the end it turned out to be birthday girl’s dad (who would have thought?) who had stolen all the lolly bags.

There were quite a few preparations in front of this party. I also made my daughter a nice yellow half circle linen skirt with two pockets. Check out the tutorials listed below to see how you can make one too.

There are some nice blog posts out there on this topic. Check out the following blogs:

My web shop “Miss Sollie” is open!

October 7, 2013

Ta ta! It’s very exciting to finally be able to open the doors to my Facebook web shop “Miss Sollie”. Visit my shop and check out the different products.


Koala_Lunch_Bag1 Koala_Lunch_Bag6

Red_Scallop_Bunting3 - CopyScalloped banners




Jeans for Busy Boys

August 28, 2013


It’s actually pretty easy to make stylish pants for the little ones. I followed the great “Kid Pants, the basic pants” tutorial by Dana Made It. To create a pattern I’ve used some old track suit pants which fits my son now. I’ve added extra length so that I can adjust this later on. Since my son is a very busy boy I’ve chosen thick hard wearing denim. The symbol on the pants is supposed to be a moose head. The “Dana Made It” web site has a section called “Celebrate the BOY” with lots of sewing and craft tutorials for clothes and things to make for your little boy(s). Photos are all from the CERES Environment Park in Brunswick East (Victoria, Australia) with a great playground where busy boys can have lots of fun!